Types Of Stone Flooring For Your House

The stone floor covering is not something that you are fluent in most people's houses – especially in the entered properties that require significant renovation. 

This is mainly because stone flooring is not something that most people can afford. But if you want something beautiful and durable, it's the kind of floor covering that is worth it to be considered. 

Stone floor coverings are often installed in outdoor spaces, as well as bathrooms and balconies, and lounges. You can even hire renovation experts for the furnished balcony renovation (which is also called ‘ mblierte Balkonsanierung ’ in German) from various online sources. 


Few people know that limestone is actually one of the first steps in marble production. It is produced when sediments and shells are combined with each other by nature. 

With each marble tile, you will notice that it has a certain amount of fossilized shells, surface bites, mineral streaks, and cracks. 


The travertine is something you are more likely to see in other houses, but I did not know what it's called. This type of flooring is actually a partial metamorphosis and crystallized limestone version. 


If you want natural stone flooring for your home seized due to durability, you must opt for granite, which is the hardest of them. 

The color range you get for the granite floor is also very exciting because it includes shades like the black galaxy, which has a luxurious black background with small gold or white spots.


Marble is probably one of the most famous and commonly used natural stone soil types. Its selection of colors is quite complete but most of them tend to use contrasting shades between the backgrounds and vein models.