The Fundamentals of Making Your Own Designer T-shirt

T-shirts are an essential part of modern clothing. Everyone has t-shirts amongst the clothes in their wardrobe. But what if you were looking for a t-shirt that you really wanted but just couldn’t find?

Designing and printing your own t-shirt is easy these days, especially if you’re a graphic designer. You can also look for cat lover graphic Tshirt  as well because cats are famous nowadays..

A commonly used shortcut to designing a t-shirt for the less able or experienced is to find fonts on the internet with the images that you need already drawn for you. You can manipulate these images by changing their size, shape, color or orientation with such tools as Adobe Illustrator. You can also combine these images with text if you like, to produce for yourself your t-shirt graphic.

Once you have produced your graphic, there are a few things you should know before you continue with printing it depending on the type of printing you need. There are three main types of t-shirt printing that should be considered:


Screen-printing involves producing a screen for each color that appears in the graphic and pressing ink with these colors through the screen onto the t-shirt, one screen after another. The result is bright and long-lasting colors on the t-shirt which can be felt as a layer of ink. With this method, small details and color gradients aren’t reproduced well, and your graphic should be divided into layers, each color into a separate layer.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the latest innovation in t-shirt printing. Graphics with complex color schemes and intricate details can be reproduced at little cost, except that digital printing is not very good at handling bright colors. It isn’t recommended to print digitally on dark t-shirts.