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Yoga at Work – What Are the Corporate Yoga Classes

The relevance of yoga, a five-thousand-year-old practice, can not be underestimated in today's world. Yoga in popular language is a series of exercises meant to be performed slowly and with a full focus on actions which, along with meditation, have proven to be very beneficial to health. 

It was recently harvested from western countries and has spread to Europe and America. It is thoroughly studied and practiced by many people around the world. You can also book your appointment with a professional to practice mindfulness in the work place.

3 Simple Yoga at Work Poses to do at the Office for Stress Relief - Wello

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The basic philosophy turns it into a practice of slow relaxation and toning the whole body and training our minds to be in tune with the mind. This removes the negative effects of our busy lives in polluted cities. So it's no surprise that companies are also trying to integrate yoga into their employees' workdays. Not only is it useful, but it's a relatively simple project as it doesn't require any basic tools and can be done in no time.

How is corporate yoga different?

However, corporate yoga differs from regular yoga in that certain labor regulations must be followed. Therefore, corporate yoga teachers should be sensitive to them and avoid developing situations that could lead to legal disputes. Every activity in the workplace is subject to laws such as the EEOC in the United States, which protect employees from acts of discrimination (based on gender, age, disability, pregnancy), harassment, and religious discrimination.