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Introduction To Bollywood Life

I want to share with you a little bit about myself and how I got started here and what I will be sharing with you personally in the coming weeks. I am happy to share my views, experiences and knowledge about the world of Bollywood with you. Yes, Bollywood – the fun, modern and trendy world of Indian cinema. You can read about top 10 famous actors at https://bechuzi.com/entertainment/top-actors-based-on-their-perfomances/.

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When I founded the Honey Dance Academy in 1997, I found that I was struggling to convince people of the potential of the Bollywood industry and dance forms. Since then, the Bollywood world in UK has exploded and everyone is talking about it or hearing it if they are not involved in some form.

From commercials like Peugeot cars, commercials and movies like The Bride and Prejudice to music like Gareth Gates, Ghost in the Sky, and TV shows like Bollywood Star Channel 4, Bollywood seems to be everywhere!

Let me now ask two questions. What’s your passion in Bollywood? Is it because you saw something about it or was it something family? Second, how does Bollywood inspire your own life?

Personally, it created not only dreams in my life, but also a driving force that helped me achieve my dreams. From dancing and working with famous actors and actresses to training people all over the world. Not only dancing, fitness too. Take some time to think about this problem. And when you’re inspired to do something you love, find ways to do more.