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What It Means To Be A Nationally Certified Interpreter

According to the rid.org website (Register of Interpreters for the Deaf), there are more than 9500 nationally certified interpreters! However, many companies that use translators do not know what it means to be a nationally certified translator. That way, they didn't understand why it was important.

National certificates for sign language translators are currently provided by the list of interpreters for the deaf. You can find more information regarding the reliable certified sign interpreter via https://inclusiveasl.com/.

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Certification names (eg CI, CT, NIC, etc.) have changed over the years, but the main purpose of these certifications has always been the same: to have a standard certificate that recognizes a high level of knowledge about professional translation as a supplement to advanced skills.

For translators, getting a certificate is now a two-step process. The first step is to take a knowledge test which assesses the knowledge of the person in different categories e.g. B. appropriate interpretation protocols under different conditions, as well as an understanding of the terminology that is important for interpretation.

For example, questions about the difference between interpretation and transliteration may arise. Depending on the deaf person, the translator chooses the necessary method of communication.

After a translator passes a written certification exam, he/she must take a performance test and an interview to get certified. It is important to know that proficiency testing changed a few years ago. The names of the national certificates given are CI and CT.