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Neck Pain Treatment – Things You Can Do at Home

Most people suffer from some sort of neck discomfort at least once in their lives. It's so common that it is estimated that one in ten people suffer from it at a certain time. Fortunately for most people, it is intermittent and mild.

Neck problems, whether mild or severe, can be treated at home with six simple methods:

1) Warm compresses: The warmth helps to relax tense muscles. You can buy different types of compresses or high quality cordless neck massager at the store or your local drug store. Gel compresses can be frozen to be used as a cold compress or heated in a microwave or in hot water for warm use.

Neck Pain Treatment - Things You Can Do at Home

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2) Massage: If you have a partner, ask him for a neck massage. He does not need to be an expert. Just a gentle rubbing or kneading will do. Five to ten minutes can go a long way toward helping tense muscles to relax.

3) Take a hot bath: You can combine the soothing warmth of feeling a gentle massage to take a hot shower. Let warm water run directly on an area of tension for five minutes or more. You might even consider buying a massage showerhead.

4) Neck stretches: You can find several good neck-stretches online or from your doctor, chiropractor, or physiotherapist. Stretching the neck muscles tighten and gently open the joints and help restore normal mobility.

5) Topical analgesics: A topical pain creams can be used for relief of neck pain. It can be purchased over the counter. Potent topical creams can be purchased with a prescription.