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Enterprise Resources Planning System Implementation Considerations

Enterprise resource planning: You can create a concept any way you want: Implement a lot of attractive flow-charts and throw away a lot of impressive titles, but at the end of the day, effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) depends on people.

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Enterprise Resources Planning System Implementation Considerations

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I. Your Very Best source

Food for thought: If the life-cycle of running just one business centers around your computer – that is, you store certain information, the company needs to show your business, bill of materials, part number data.

II. This is not rocket science, just general knowledge (or maybe its cents)

Have mentioned some quality control standards for ERP success? How about them:

– Realize that plans must be realistic and attainable (any plan with dates set in the past is neither realistic nor achievable) and they should issue orders only when they have checked that material is available.

– Acknowledge that following the plan is in everyone's best interest, they can plan in advance if they don't hit their target date.

– Orders should be accepted only on the basis of available, planned capacity.

It's more difficult to acknowledge you don't do all of it and you possibly could. Changing software and hardware isn't the toughest part. What is difficult is that the cultural shift required to create an integrated preparation tool function. Simply place: minus the cultural shift you won't change business behavior.

III. Stakeholders anybody?

Before it is possible to alter performance measures, but you want to have developed a shared vision of this new means of working. Everyone can't hold down a lineup function and keep current with current best practices.

Besides your project leader, you need a project team to co-ordinate the shift procedure. You need to install task forces to handle every changing place such as sales and operations planning, master production scheduling, information precision (statements of material and stock specifically ), performance steps, production, and purchasing.

You mustn't overlook the requirement to have in-company specialists in both the applications and the generic preparation fundamentals. Any help from external consultants must be coaches not players.