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Your Marriage is on Shaky Ground – Why You Should Get Counseling?

Marriage is wonderful. The meeting, falling in love and making a commitment to each other is a part of a beautiful life. What happens when the honeymoon feeling is exhausted? A realization came that the marriage is not perfect, it is not fun and is originally messy.

Some of the problems lead to divorce while others are just bumps in the marriage life. For those who are non-divorced and need some help to bring their marriage on track, couple counseling is the best option.

Marriage or couples counseling can be effective in many ways. First, it allows couples to communicate with each other about what is bothering them and give them the opportunity to discuss their true feelings for each other. 

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Second, marriage counseling consists of two main styles:

Imago relationship therapy – This therapy is associated primarily with the characteristics of the conscious or blueprint of a person. The main goal of this therapy is to combine the conscious mind into the subconscious mind of two people to create a more conscious relationship and harmony.

Emotionally focused therapy – The name of this therapy is quite clear. Clients learn strategies to transform and reorganize the emotional response and create new interaction techniques. Clients work towards the goal to have a more secure bond with one another.

Couples counseling work. In the emotionally focused therapy, (70-73) percent of couples recovered from the stresses of marriage. Couples therapy is a very good solution to consider if marital problems continue to arise.