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Is Laser Hair Removal Temporary Or Permanent Fix?

Anything do most men and women opt for when it comes to eliminating the facial and body hair? Have you got stage razors before taking a shower?

And have them trimmed before an event and exercise session? Or perhaps each fortnight of unbearable waxing appointments. Thinking about options, there is just 1 thing that occurs to our mind is laser hair therapy.

The question is: Can it be permanent? If not, what's going to be the exception then? Why should anyone make this choice of waxing, razors, and trimmers?

To sum up, in 1 line- NO. Moreover, the removal of laser hair isn't an effective solution. We do not mean by the term permanent' that you will return to the amount of hair growth as from today.

In summary, no. The laser works by burning the hair follicles to prevent the new growth. This sets the hair follicles in a case of dormancy even longer than simply waxing and shaving for a lengthy period. They'll be smaller, smoother, and less in amount since the hairs grow back.

While the process is often marketed as a system of"permanent" removal, laser therapy only reduces the number of unwanted hairs in a specific area. It doesn't eliminate the unwanted hairs.

How does it Work

Laser treatment is a gentle form of radiation which utilizes high-heat laser beams. These laser beams heat up throughout the procedure and ruin your hair follicles.

Your hair follicles are positioned just beneath the surface. They are responsible for developing new strands. When the follicles are damaged then the growth is disabled temporarily.