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How To Clean Food Storage Containers

Have you ever wondered how to clean food storage containers? It all depends on what type of container you have. Some can go in the dishwasher while others don’t allow it. And even the ones that do, should you put them “top up” or “bottom up”? Cleaning food storage containers, whether plastic or glass, can be a pain in the proverbial neck. Gunk gets all up inside the hard-to-clean parts of these containers and is nearly impossible to remove. When your container is super dirty and is serving as a petri dish for bacteria to spread, it's almost time for the trash. 

Do the container lids sit on your shelves collecting dust? A lot of people prefer to use plastic more often than not these days, especially when it involves food storage. A good example of such is the rise of Tupperware containers. However, when it comes to cleaning your food storage containers, you may find that it’s not as easy as you thought. If this is the case for you, don’t worry – this article has multiple ways you can achieve sparkling and squeaky clean food storage containers.

Food Storage Containers are made from many different materials, such as glass and plastic. But, no matter what kind of container you have, they can get dirty over time. There are some easy ways to clean these storage containers. The trick to keeping your food storage containers clean is to wash them normally day after day. This will prevent any dirt or germs from building up. Cleaning the food containers you have in your kitchen is not just about keeping your household more presentable, it also helps make sure nothing nasty grows in them. Household Products and kitchen waste items through outside or home this is not good use storage containers to keep the environment clean. 

Trying to clean the food storage container manually can be tricky because they are very big and you might not have enough space to do it in your sink. Pouring the water gently in the tub edge will help you clean the container properly. You should use a small brush for cleaning cracks and crevices.

Tips on how to clean food storage containers

Whether you keep your food in the fridge, freezer or in your cupboards, you want to make sure that it is stored in the right containers. Toxic chemicals can seep into your food and drinks when they are stored in inappropriate containers. You can avoid this by using glass or ceramic storage containers.

Here are some tips on how to clean food storage containers:

1. If you have plastic containers, make sure you wash them thoroughly before use. The best way to do this is by putting them through the dishwasher.

2. Make sure that your plastic storage container is airtight before storing any food inside of it. You can check whether it is airtight by closing the lid and seeing if there is a suction seal or not. If there isn't, then you should purchase a new container.

3. The reason for making sure that your plastic container is airtight is because if it isn't, then oxygen will be able to get into the container and any items that are inside of it will start to decompose and this will ruin the taste of your food.

4. If plastic containers are not airtight, then put a paper towel over the top of the container before placing any household products inside of it so that oxygen does not pass outside of the box.

5. If you are fortunate enough to have a dishwasher, place your containers on the top rack. You should not put glass or plastic jars in the same load with metal ones because they will scratch and chip. Run the dishwasher with a normal cycle to clean your containers. Once they are washed, it is best to let them air dry for at least 24 hours before storing them again (unless otherwise specified by manufacturer).

6. Rinse thoroughly. After using your food storage container, rinse it thoroughly with warm water. This will remove any leftover residue from the container and will also sanitize it. The warm water is also great for preventing stains from setting in on the container.

The great thing about plastic food storage containers is that they are so useful. They're great for just about anything, but when it comes to storing food items like flour and sugar, these containers can be a bit of a bear to clean. Trying to wipe out a container's insides with your dish rag and some soapy water can leave the inside of the container in shambles. No matter how many times you try to scrub, the stains on the container's inside refuse to budge. And that’s it on how to clean food storage containers. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to deal with them from now on and avoid having to ask yourself?