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Check Out The Reasons Of Parrots With a Habit For Plucking

The term"parrot" covers roughly 350 distinct birds with a few of the very impressive and vibrant plumes conceivable. However, what if your pet parrot begins freaking its lovely plumage? Feather plucking is much more prevalent than you may believe and listed below are a few of the most frequent causes of the stressing compulsion. You can find the best bird care plan: create a daily, weekly, monthly routines at BirdSupplies.com.


Even though a definitive cause can't be discovered, boredom can be cited as the most frequent cause for feather plucking. As parrots are highly intelligent, they will need to maintain a stimulating atmosphere.

Bird Care


Parrots are also social animals that love companionship. If a bird is left alone for long periods, maintaining a little radio can enable them to take care of the solitude and protect against self-destructive tendencies.


Exercise, or even a lack of it, could quickly result in a parrot getting frustrated. Ensure your parrot's cage is big enough to allow them to stretch and flap their wings. If possible, provide your parrot a chance to fly as frequently as possible so that they love using their feathers instead of out them.


Ensuring that your parrot is eating many different healthful foods is a fantastic place to begin if they're experiencing plumage associated issues.