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Various Ways to Filter Water

One of the first steps in preparedness is storing water because it is essential to life. During and after a disaster, a lot of people will use all the water they have stored and that's why it's important to know how to filter and purify the water. Below you will find several different methods to purify the water of the purification systems purchased from the bases. Various ways to filter and purify the water:   


· Bring water to boiling will kill all harmful organisms. This method works well; however, you must have the means to boil water and time; it is slow to bring water to a boil and slow to cool down for consumption.

· Water purification tablets produce a powerful germicidal agent when released in water purifying water. Typically, a shelf purifies 32 ounces or 95 liters of water. You can see by the purified amount per tablet, I would not recommend it for large amounts of water.

· Water purifiers are super easy to use because you do not have to handle tubes and pumps, simply fill them in a river, stream, or lake and drinks. The filters are replaceable and relatively inexpensive; However, they purify only small amounts at a time.