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Control Bed Bugs With Canine (K9) Inspection

As bed bugs are becoming more difficult to kill, a professional pest removal company should try new tactics to detect and eliminate infestations. One of these techniques involves the use of trained dogs to hunt out the bugs.

As conventional as the method may sound, the use of dogs to detect is the choice of the fastest and most accurate available. To hire professionals for canine bed bug inspection visit https://www.premiercaninedetection.com/

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How does it work?

The same way that dogs help police in detecting firearms or drugs by using their sense of smell, they can be trained to sniff out pests.

A dog and handler team enters a room with suspected pest activity, and the dog will sniff about looking for them. When sensing the presence of bed bugs live, it will alert its handler, who will then investigate with the area visually confirm activity.

How "Qualified" Are Dogs?

Inspection dogs receive a minimum of 600 hours of training. They are then paired with a qualified handler, and both dogs and humans undergo additional training as a team. After the handler's confidence in their abilities as a couple, they are certified for public inspection.

What Are the Next Steps?

Once the dogs detect bed bugs and confirms its handler living activities, the pest management company will recommend the treatment for removal. Depending on the situation, this may involve targeted heat treatment to get rid of them or the use of heat to kill the space they live in furniture or belongings.

Not all pest removal companies offer a service dog, so be sure to ask about this method before choosing a company to handle the problem.