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How Talcum Powder Is Responsible For Causing Ovarian Cancer?

There are many people who have filed talcum powder lawsuits after developing ovarian cancer. The leading manufacturer of Talcum powder Johnson & Johnson alleged not to warn the presence of asbestos which leads to ovarian cancer.

It is found in research that manufactures knew their talc is contaminated by asbestos and could cause ovarian cancer but they didn’t warn customers about the risk. If you are using cosmetic or commercial talcum powder and developed ovarian cancer, you may be eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit. You can hop over to this website to learn how to how to file a talcum powder cancer lawsuit.

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However, not everyone can file a talcum powder lawsuit. There are certain screening criteria that determine whether you are eligible for the talcum powder lawsuit or not.

Following are the criteria that determine whether you can file a talcum powder lawsuit:

  • If you have diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
  • If you are using talcum powder on a regular basis
  • Use specific company talcum powder
  • Biopsy results show proof of talcum powder
  • If you don’t have any family history of ovarian cancer.

If any of these criteria are fulfilled, then you are eligible to file the baby powder lawsuit. Even if you don’t meet all the criteria, you can still get compensation. You can afford to hire the great team of lawyers on your side. Many lawyers work on a contingency basis so you pay their fees when you receive compensation from the court.