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The Advantages Of Dentures

Dentures are removable dentures that are placed in your mouth to replace missing teeth. They come in a variety of materials – plastic, acrylic, and porcelain, sometimes metal, and look like normal teeth. Unlike fixed dental implants or dental bridges, these can be removed.

Partial And Full Dentures:

You can have one or more dentures or full dentures. It depends on how many teeth are missing. Partial dentures prevent your normal teeth from sliding and hold them in place. Complete dentures are usually intended for older people who have lost or need to remove their teeth. With straight dentures in Weston via https://westondentalspecialistsgroup.com/dentures-weston-ma/, you have to visit the dentist often when the gums are shrinking so they can fill them back in.

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How To Install Dentures:

Whether it's a partial or complete denture, the dentist will make an impression on your upper and lower jaw and make a wax bite. This way, the first models are created so you can try them on and see if they match and if the color and shape are correct. If not, the dentist will make minor changes.

After the prosthesis is in place, they may feel uncomfortable, but after a few weeks, the person will get used to it. Additional saliva flow and possible gum irritation can occur. Any pain requires a visit to the dentist in order to make adjustments.

Prosthetic Treatment:

  • Dentures are delicate and should be examined.
  • Clean all food particles with a denture brush and store the dentures in a denture solution or water when you are not using them.
  • Make use of lukewarm water to clean it.
  • Do not drop your dentures as they may break or tear.
  • Clean your mouth thoroughly before replacing your prosthesis.