Protect Yourself From Firesheep Attacks In Public Wi-Fi Networks

If you use your laptop at a local coffee shop or on campus, be aware that the Firesheep attack poses a serious threat to the security of your personal information. Thanks to the Firefox add-on that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, other network members can get instant access whenever they log in to a password-protected site. This is dangerous when you consider how much information we support on web-based servers.

Therefore, your protection should be your top priority! Social networking sites are the most vulnerable because the security measures they support don’t match the type of encryption you can find at your financial institution. Firesheep is supposed to make you nervous because you won’t be able to tell what someone is going to do when they can get into your social media inbox.

Use a VPN to avoid possible attacks that can occur when using a public Wi-Fi network. Usually, the right IvacyVPN subscription at (called에서 올바른 IvacyVPN 구독 in the Korean language) is inherently inexpensive and can ensure that you have secure and private internet access no matter what Wi-Fi network you are using.

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Also known as a “side jack,” this type of hack can be stressful when you’re logged into your Facebook account at a local Starbucks. A VPN encrypts your browser session and keeps all your confidential information from “data scramblers” such as the Firesheep app.

Firesheep is an extension that runs on the Firefox web browser. Other hackers who can access the same Wi-Fi network can see everything you see while browsing the Internet with a simple “double click”. Originally created to prove just how vulnerable many of these cyberattack websites were. Whenever someone creates something like this, hundreds of thousands of hackers around the world immediately look for ways to use it against inexperienced Wi-Fi users.