Moving Checklist – Hiring a Removal Service

A moving checklist can help make your change of residence much easier than leaving everything to the last minute and tossing things into boxes at random. Having the details for your home move in advance can make even a long-distance move less of a headache and more of an adventure. Just start at the beginning and proceed step by step until you are done.

Streamlining the process of moving your home can ensure that the property you leave behind is presentable to your landlord or to those who move. You can also appoint the genuine furniture removalists in Caboolture qld at

Move-in checklist: before move-in

  • Move-in date. Select a date and try to make it as firm as possible to keep you on track.
  • Utilities. Arrange for utilities to be turned off in your old home and on in your new one.
  • Mail. Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address. The newspapers too.
  • Moving services. Book your move in advance, as certain times of the month or year can fill up quickly.
  • Boxes and packing material. Start meeting early as you may be able to get a lot for free.

Move-in Checklist: during move-in

  • Packaging. Please mark all the boxes clearly, indicating their content and which room they belong to.
  • Moving. Be on the lookout for any staff hired to help you move, let them know what is fragile.
  • Neighbors. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors during the move if possible.
  • Final revision. Go around the house you are leaving from, checking that everything is in order.

Move-in Checklist: after move-in

  • Public services and mail. Follow up and make sure your discontinuation instructions were followed.
  • Clean up. Check that all trash and clutter are cleared from the old house.
  • Gardening service. Cancel this too, unless you are trying to sell the property.

If you follow this checklist from planning your home move to hiring a moving service to clean up the last of the debris, you'll be on the right track.