Investment Portfolio Management – The 6 Steps to Financial Success

Challenging portfolio management, but also exciting. Some people prefer to have a portfolio managed by a professional. However, it is not impossible to manage your own portfolio. It only takes time and a basic understanding of the process. You can find more about Investment Portfolio Tracking online. 

investment portfolio tracker

Portfolio management involves 6 steps in a sustainable process.

1. Determine goals / obstacles

2. Formulate a strategy


4. Apply asset allocation

5. Performance

6. Evaluate performance

As a sustainable process, it is the responsibility of the portfolio manager (whether it's you or professional) to undergo a process (starting from "determining goals and constraints") and after reaching the stage "evaluating performance", start again.

Why is this a sustainable process? Because life is not static. People move, they change jobs, they are married, they divorce, they remarried, they have children, they make a big purchase, they make wise decisions, they make unwise decisions, they are faced with fortune and tragedy. Every event (and many others) will influence how they manage their portfolios.

Every individual has different needs and desires. The first step to successfully manage your investment needs is to identify them by preparing an investment plan. This plan must state your goals. This is just a mission statement about what you need to do. Kpective with you, so you can determine what must be invested, and how your portfolio will be compiled to realize your dreams.