How To Use Blank Clothing At Parties

Choosing party favors for an event can be a huge pain, especially if you're on a budget. Save yourself some time, stress and money by using blank clothing. You can order a mess of wholesale blank t-shirts and use them to make shirts with custom designs for multiple occasions, like birthday parties, family reunions — even weddings. You can also purchase blank t-shirts online via

Custom shirts are a great way to immortalize an event and give guests something to remember what a great time they had. And hey, if you have a bunch leftover, there are plenty of things you can do with them.

If you have a kids party coming up, get together a bunch of the blank t-shirts (make sure you have enough for all the kids, and some extras just in case), along with lots of art supplies. Have the kids draw up their own designs, and hand them over to a professional silk-screener (which you can hire by the hour or day). They can add extra things like buttons and even feathers if they want after the screening is done, and they'll all have something great to bring home with them.

You can also have the silk-screener take photos of the guests and screen them onto the t-shirts. People might try to preserve their modesty and swear up and down that they don't, but they love having t-shirts with their faces on them. This would be great to do at a wedding, or high school prom or reunion as well.

These are just a few of the things you can do with blank clothing — once you've actually bought a bunch of wholesale blank t-shirts, even more ideas will surely come to you.