Find The Best NetSuite For A Valuable Tool For Fundraising

Just like private businesses, nonprofit organizations have complex requirements for their operational processes. Nonprofits may lack the resources or knowledge to use IT and software environments for their private counterparts. 

This is where NetSuite can be valuable. NetSuite makes its service available to non-profit organizations at a deep discount. You can also navigate to this site to get the best information about netsuite service providers.


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NetSuite has specific special criteria for non-profit classification, which excludes political or religious organizations but also includes some for-profit organizations that promote social entrepreneurship.

In recent years, like many private organizations, nonprofits have switched from Aadhaar-based CRM & ERP to NetSuite. However, there are still many small vendors offering software developed specifically for nonprofits. 

These small vendors have developed programs and services that serve nonprofits because they are aligned with the goals of the community. NetSuite provides a combined CRM and ERP system to track a wide range of information. 

In the nonprofit space, CRM can help with marketing initiatives, such as email blasts, as well as tracking and communicating with existing and prospective donors. 

ERP is capable of handling all accounting functions, including accepting donations and managing payroll. NetSuite is therefore a very valuable tool for fundraising purposes – also able to manage continuity donors, one-time donors while managing funding events. 

In short, the comprehensive nature of NetSuite will save large nonprofits time and energy during the entire process of developing an organization.