Easy Tips to Add Video to Your Website

If you want to add a video to your website then there are some simple steps you need to do. It's not very complicated at all. Adding video to your website can make your site more enjoyable for your audience. The first thing you need to do is make a video clip. You may have a video clip on your mobile phone or digital camera and want to add to your website.

When your video is ready to add to your Web site, you need to shrink the size of video files that are ready for the Internet. This is similar to reducing the size of images that are too large. This is done by converting the video. Under the conversion settings of your video converter, you can adjust the sound and video quality. You can also find an online video converter via https://convertfaster.com/VideoConversion to convert your video files. 

Because broadband is becoming much more common, it's fine to output the video for high-speed internet. Once you're done, you should save your new files to your web folder. It is best to store all your website files together, making them easier to manage everything. You do not want to search for files across all your computers.


You have to verify the size of the video that is now quite small. For instance, a video that was previously 900MB can be converted to as little as 4MB, depending on the settings used. You will then upload your video to your Web pages as you would upload a file.

After you upload and store video files to your website, you need to verify that it works properly. Never upload anything without checking afterwards because it might not be uploaded correctly. You do not want the things on your site that do not work.