Choosing a Tax Settlement Company

There are hundreds of companies representing themselves as experts in tax resolution; many of them are only taking advantage of the 25 million Americans who owe back taxes to the IRS. There are far less companies that are fully certified and accredited and even less that have the experience and expertise. You can also choose best tax resolution companies via

Ideally, you want to find a company that are made up of certified public accountants, (CPA) and focus on IRS tax settlement. Unlike many of the companies that offer to handle your tax issues, a full service accountancy run by certified public accountants will handle your account quite differently than those companies that are only there to take advantage of your tax distress.

If you need help resolving your back taxes, you will want to work with tax professionals – who are highly educated, trained and experienced in tax code and IRS policy.

The type of company that resolves your tax issues with hands on services of a CPA and does not pass you on to his or her consultants or associates who are without credentials. By making sure you are working with a CPA firm you can be assured that your results will be regulated by the professional code of practices for certified public accountants.

As a tax payer owing back taxes you should be aware that there are companies that simply gather leads and then pass your case to individuals that in many cases you know nothing about their backgrounds or experience.

These are tax resolution factories who churn out as many fees as possible with little concern for gaining their clients a fair and reasonable settlement. They will make claims and promises that cannot be verified and are usually selected by the lead gathering company because of the amount they pay for a lead and has very little if nothing to do with the specifics of your case.

You should look for the best representation to resolve your back taxes or other IRS issues and you should want to work with a CPA. Be sure to ask if the company you are speaking with are a tax company or a lead generating company for tax resolution. Ask if the person you'll be working with will be a certified public accountant and ask if they can provide you with references.

There is also a proper way of being charged for tax resolution services. First and foremost – beware of companies that base their charges on the amount of taxes you owe. This should immediately raise a red flag that the company is not reputable and acting properly and you should run – not walk – away from them.

Companies that charge you for services based on the amount of taxes you owe are not dealing under the guidelines of ethics for certified public accountants and their reliability and intentions should be strongly questioned. There are well documented cases in which tax payers who are charged for services by the amount they owe in back taxes may never have their cases resolved or to be left with far more tax problems than when they started.