Be Conscious Of Your Lithium-Ion Batteries

The lifespan of every battery is based on their usage that how you can charge and discharge the battery. Probably, Lithium batteries are having inadequate life; which will progressively decrease the capacity from its manufacturing date. When you consider in order replacing your battery you should remain the original capacity point of the battery. You can also get redirected here to buy li-ion batteries.

The main advantages of Li-ion batteries are not endured from their memory effect. Approximately the self-discharge rate is 5% per month compared to other nickel batteries it is a low self-discharge rate.

Let us be conscious about your Li-ion batteries; there is some useful list of Do’s and Don’ts:


  • If you have a Notebook or Tablet PC, avoid charging the battery for an entire night.
  • The battery must be recharged on or before that which would be discharged. Monthly twice if done as it is above the battery must be standardized.
  • Make sure whether your battery is fully charged or not. You should discharge it completely.  Your battery will be permanently damaged if you are keeping it on charging even its fully charged.
  • A new battery will always carry out enhanced than 6 months later. Remain that a li-ion battery will slowly get worse.
  • Remove the battery, while at charging approximately 50% or high.


  • Do Not- Expose the battery into an excess of heat or cold. The range in-between 10-35 degrees Centigrade ambient.
  • Do-Not- Store your battery in a fully charged state.
  • Do Not – Battery might overheat when you charge your Notebook/Tablet PC in a carry case.

Whether the battery in use or not, probably your battery will lose its competence gradually. Keeping your battery is as much cool as possible it will persist your degradation considerably.