All About N95 Respirator

Since December 2019, China was battling with the insurgence of the novel coronavirus disease. By January 2020, major cities in China were under complete lockdown in a rush to control the epidemic. Thousands of masks from around the world were imported by China. In a matter of time, the situation that China was struggling with, reached international borders. Thousands of people got affected outside China.

Till today, over 1.34 lakh people are affected globally with coronavirus and more than 5000 have died. The mortality rate of this novel coronavirus is definitely less than any other epidemic we had ever seen, but it is far more infectious than anyone could have ever imagined. As this disease is spread through the respiratory system, people are using a face mask to protect their face and ultimately their body, from this disease.

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95% Respirators are the Rage

The N95 mask is either out of stock or overpriced in today's market. Even if some pharmacies are selling them, their quality cannot be trusted. When you buy an n95 mask, you must verify its authenticity by self-checking. In this article, we will learn about the different ways to verify the authenticity of the n95 respirator.

Also, we will see which brand is the best to purchase N95 pollution masks. An N95 respirator filters out a huge portion (95% of the harmful air and liquid droplets) from entering inside your body. But, only the authentic N95 respirators will help you achieve the required level of safety. This makes it important to know more about them.